Allow me to *re-introduce myself….

HopefulCurlyWelcome all to Mane Attention!

Thank you for taking your time to browse. I hope this site is friendly, humorous, easy-going and informative. I would like for us to share our natural hair experiences, stories, challenges and triumphs.
I am not against chemically treated (permed) hair but I am for natural hair.
Since our hair in its natural state is something new or foreign to some of us I
thought placing attention on this aspect of our beauty is only right.

I am proud of black beauty and I love our
versatility therefore I hope that if you have chemically treated hair you too
will join and give our site your perspective as well.  It’s been less than 2 years for me on this
journey so I’m still familiar with the process, highlights and challenges of
chemically treated hair.

For my community I hope to be able to bring
attention to local hair salons that focus on our type of mane, beauty stores
that cater to natural hair products and general business’ in our city that we
can go to for products, tools and inspiration. I also hope to catch some
pics of natural beauties in our community.

I’ve tried as much as possible to give you
my story in some posts I’ve created. I hope this site can grow and develop more
profoundly. I thank you in advance for your positive energy (I try to avoid the
negative). Please be respectful, kind and open-minded but most importantly give
your Mane Attention!



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