Its current state,


Fullness...but now what

My current hair-situation is both exciting but at the same time challenging.

I am going through a phase where my hair is long enough for me to want to “show it off” but now too long for certain styles that I’ve mastered (such as the blown-out, twist-and-curl above).

I LOVE my current length and fullness. It is actually amazing to me that I’ve achieved this “bush” in less than 1 year of absolutely no relaxer.

BUT since I have been accustomed with dealing with my hair in its shorter phases-I now have no idea on what to do, day-by-day, as it is getting longer.

I am not that chick that used to cornrow her brothers hair. Therefore, I am not that chick that can magically twist and manipulate hair into intricate braided styles. As I dealt with my shorter hair-I started to hate the fact that I never took interest in doing something almost essential for my natural hair-cornrows.  Now that my hair is natural-knowledge of braiding techniques would help my current state of hair style boredom.

During my TWA phase-I mostly did twist-outs, puffs, pinned-up twists or I added extensions.

Side view

Side view

Now that my hair is shoulder length-I am tweaking my go-to hair styles for something that is every-day appropriate.  Puff’s are just not doing it anymore!

PS. I am aware that my idea of what is appropriate or not is all in my mind. Although I LOVE my blown-out twist-outs on my current length I am not comfortable in my work environment with her hanging all out. Catch me at the mall on a weekend-shes definitely in her full glory-displayed for all with eyes to see!

So are you experiencing hair-boredom ???



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