Welcome Guests,

Welcome Guest Bloggers,

ManeAttention is a community platform and I
would love if we could all share our experiences, triumphs and challenges with
Natural Hair.

Please feel free to email any submission you may
have to maneconvo@hotmail.ca

I would love to read your stories and
experiences as well.

Please include the Category titles
(listed below) in the subject line.

Guest Bloggers – Please
submit a summary of what you would like to write about. Thought provoking
subjects are wanted. Articles providing product knowledge and reviews of
products are also welcome. Pics are desired.

Attention Please… – Please
email for question template, fill and return by email. Please include some pics
that would best illustrate your

Transition Stories – If you
are transitioning, or thinking of it, or have advice about this stage-please
email you story. Transitioning back to natural hair can be a long and tough
challenge. I would love for us to see similarities, find support and receive
patience with each other. Pics are desired.

TWA Stories – If you
are not accustomed to short hair, having a teeny-weeny afro may be a shocking
experience, it was for me. But once its cut-its cut!
submit stories and advice, styling ideas and support. If you have enjoyed this
stage and have some styling tips, please share. If you are finding this stage
to be a challenge, or are too nervous to do it-share your story as well-you may
get the encouragement you need.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Guests,

    • Thanx Nicole!

      I used Dark and Lovely Permanent Hair colour. I used a shade called Rich Auburn in April 2011 and then I added Red Hot Rhythm June 2011. Both times the colour was only applied to the center part of my hair or crown. I am not advocating the use of permanent hair colours-I know the damage that they can cause to our natural hair. Since my hair was “virgin” at that time and I wanted a colour ASAP-I opted for the not-so-good choice of permanent hair colour. Since I’ve added colour, my deep conditioning routine became more significant on wash days.

      Mey 😉

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