ATTENTION PLEASE…..let’s meet Nicole

Day trip...

Let’s meet Nicole. She is a beautiful mom-who has agreed to be featured (at my request due to her gorgeous hair!).

#1 where do you reside (City, Country)?

(also: are you originally from Ottawa, Canada? If applicable)

I was born and raised in Ottawa

#2 why did you choose to return (transition) to your natural hair? How long has it been since you’ve returned?

My initial reason for going natural was because I needed to lose some weight and I joined a gym (everyone knows that perm and sweat don’t mix) It has been almost two years since I last put a perm in my hair October 14, 2009.

#3 how did you return (transition) back to your natural hair? Has it affected you in any way? What have you learned?

I started with braiding my hair with extensions…and then every time I took out the braids I would cut a bit off until I was comfortable with the length. This past summer was the first time I actually wore my natural hair out. At first it was hard. I received a lot of negative feedback from my family, but once they saw how healthy it looked and how long it was growing I received more compliments especially from my coworkers.

Hair Extensions

At Church

#4 describe your hair?

My curls are- I would say a bit loose. After I wash it there isn’t much shrinkage

#5 do you have a regimen? If so, please share?

Really the only thing I put in my hair is Shea butter mixed with olive oil and coconut oil, other than that I co-wash my hair with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration once a week and shampoo only once a month. Whenever I shampoo I follow with a hot oil treatment (olive oil in the microwave)


#6 what is the best thing about being your original self (“mane” ly speaking)

I have had relaxers in my hair since I was 6 years old so didn’t know what to expect but I finally feel like myself, the true me.

#7 any advice for those thinking about transitioning back?

For me being natural was the best choice I could make for myself. Perm/kiddie perm/ no lye perm however you word it they are all chemicals that you are applying to your hair and scalp. Think about all the times you left the hairdressers with silky straight hair followed by big scabs in the back of your head. If you are thinking about going natural give it a try. The transition period is the worst part but once you get past that it’s definitely worth it.


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