Last Saturday Night….

Saturday night,

So this past Saturday I had a house party to attend for a good
friend of mine. If anyone knows her (G. J-G) then you already know what type of
party it is! For those who don’t, her parties are “events”. Good
music, great drinks and lots of people. All that said, I wanted to make an
effort with my hair.

In this post
I’ll go through the steps I used to create a good braid-out, not my
greatest…but I’m still getting to know my hair when it comes to styling.

On Friday-I decided that I wanted to blow-out my hair (to stretch
my hair) and do a braid-out to achieve more length. Since I was going to
use heat on my hair I wanted my hair to be as clean as possible-hence I used shampoo.

I do not use heat tools on my hair if there is
build-up. I do not want the heat to have to work harder in order to achieve
results. If the heat had to deal with the build-up as well as my hair
texture-then I would be blow-drying longer than needed or passing the flat-iron
multiple times to achieve results that could be done in less time/1 pass/stroke.

Before wash, 4 sections

I sectioned
my hair in 4 parts (2 in front, 2 at the back). I sprayed some leave in
conditioner (filtered water mixed with V05 coconut conditioner) on the ends on
my 4 puffs to loosen or finger-detangle my ends (thats where I will start
detangling with the comb first). I massaged the leave-in on my ends. I then
massaged my scalp with Jasime Oil (Indian Grocer St. Laurent Blvd). I massaged
for maybe 5 minutes. I got into the shower-shampoo’d my scalp only-while my
hair remained in the 4 sections. Washed out each section and made sure no
shampoo remained. I then put in my V05 Coconut conditioner, all over each
section while saturating the ends of my hair.

I used a
shower wide tooth comb to detangle each section, starting at the ends and
working the comb to the roots of my hair. The conditioner aided with the
detangling, made this step pretty quick, maybe 7-10 minutes. Once I finished detangling
a section, I braided that 1 section-I did not rinse the conditioner before
braiding, I repeated the last step with the remaining 3 sections.

After wash/condition, detangled and braided

Once all 4
parts were braided, I finished with my normal shower routine and then rinsed my
hair, while my hair was still sectioned, detangled and braided. I did not un-do
the braids to rinse out the conditioner.

Once I got
out of the shower, I took down 1 braid, I applied Giovanni leave-in. I ONLY APPLIED
THE AMOUNT THE SIZE OF A DIME. I’ve learned that the trick to Giovanni is that
a little goes a long way. Just rub that small amount in your hands….keep
rubbing and the conditioner seems to become thicker-and more can now be spread
throughout each section (but focussing on the ends).

When I use
too much of this leave-in, my hair feels stiff and I have to wash it out in
order to deal with my hair.

Once I’ve
divided each braid into 2 and apply leave-in, I re-braid and end up with 8
braids total in my hair now. I braided my hair in order to stretch out my hair
as much as possible without the use of heat.

leave-in applied, now in 8 braids

I pinned up
my braids, watched a movie and went to bed-wrapping my hair in a hair net-and
sleeping on a satin pillow case. The hair net allowed my hair to air
dry over night. In the morning, I took out each braid and blow-dried on low
heat. Once the section was 95% dry-I applied my Whipped
Shea Butter mix (post coming soon) and split that section in 2 and braided
each. I also applied perm rods on the ends of my hair after braiding. Once I
was completed, I had 16 braids in, with perm rods attached.

In the morning, 60% air dried, kinda stretched

At night as I was
getting ready, I applied some gel (ECO-Styler Gel) to my edges, tied my satin
scarf along my edges and unbraided my hair. As I was unbraiding I applied a
very small amount of Shea butter to my hands and rubbed….as I was unbraiding
I was also applying shea. Got my make-up on and …..


results…..maybe next time I will blow-dry less (leave some more moisture in
my hair), apply some kind of gel after applying the Shea Butter and before
briading my hair for more hold in the style.

The party
was a blast, but my hair just poofed in the middle of the night, no definition
remaind and I had to contain my poof with an elastic.

WOMP WOMP…..but I still loved it. Even on a not so great night-it felt good not worrying or checking on my hair! It is what it is, and a puff is only 1 elastic and some H20 away 😉



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