This weekend…Ottawa Fashion Week!

I was happy to hear that this weekend is going to be Fashion Week in Ottawa!

I think I may have heard about Ottawa having a Fashion Week…but I could be mistaken as well. This event is entering its 6th season and I am definitely going to make it, on at least on 1 of the nights.

Taking a look at the designer line-up for the each night-I am going to choose to attend the Friday night event at the Ottawa Convention Centre. I am hoping it will a great night full of great art and hopefully some Naturals!

Although Natural hair will be my focus, I am also going to take in some of the designers creations as well!

Fashion week commences Thurs September 29th at the Ottawa Convention Centre (55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario). Doors open at 4:00 PM

For more on this event please visit

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my review in a few days!

Also, if you happen to attend Ottawa’s Fashion week and see some amazing Natural hair-styles (or you are rocking an amazing Natural style yourself) please feel free to send us your own review to be featured on our site!



One thought on “This weekend…Ottawa Fashion Week!

  1. Trying to buy the tickets online at and I having a hard time getting the transaction through. Hopefully I can get in tonite and have a good view. Review coming soon!
    Enjoy your Friday night….let us know what you are doing tonite.


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