Minimalist Approach to Hair

I would like to start adding some more fact-based posts in order to maybe help or answer some questions regarding our hair. As mentioned earlier, please feel free to email any questions or insight-if I do not have the answer to any of your questions, I will find it for you.

Starting my Natural hair journey, I knew that what I wanted to achieve was long hair-longer than I had in my youth. Along my journey, I have decided that I prefer a minimalist approach to my hair and its needs. I started my journey eager to learn and test what others may have done-and while I loved the “newness” of the items I bought-I didn’t really see much benefit that couldn’t be achieved with a cheaper, home-made or simpler alternative.

I can summarize my hairs basic needs as follows:

To be washed

To be moisturized

To be protected

The fact of hair growing is something that I do not control. It will happen regardless of how much any item costs or what name brand it carries. I personally believe that any influence on my hairs growth that I may have, is internal. It can be influenced by what I put into my body and not necessarily on top of my scalp or on the actual strands themselves.

 (PLEASE NOTE: I am completely excluding any health/medical reason which could affect hair growth)

I am not opposed to buying products, but I do not want to become dependant on them. Cuz when money is low and priorities are surrounding me- I don’t need to worry about my hair.

Therefore, if growth is not something to be concerned about in my quest to achieve length I’ve determined (also with the help of some research) that what I should be concerned with is the retention of the hair that grows out of my scalp. If I can keep the hair I have healthy I can then keep it on my scalp a little longer and therefore retain length as time passes.

I decided that I will try to care for my internal health a little better (that’s a whole nutha story).

I also decided that what I needed to do to retain length is do what it takes to keep the hair on my head longer, nothing more, nothing less.

Once again, I am not going to break the bank on my hair, no sir.

I am going to add a few posts that I feel will touch base on the different phases of concern one may have when transitioning to natural hair. I will do my best to keep it simple and precise. I hope this is helpful to any who decide to take this journey……its only hair!

The phases I would love to talk about are,

Transition-the return back to Natural hair OR back to healthy natural hair.

Products-I will try to highlight some popular natural hair brands and recipes that are essential for my hairs basic needs to be washed, moisturized and protected.

Regimen building– I will discuss the importance of having consistency and care for your hair. This will make life much easier and your hair will have its own “process” that can be easily followed, maintained and tweaked according to season and/or goal progress. Basically a way to organize your hairs needs.

Protective Styling- literally styling for our hair that protects it from manipulation, environment and friction.

It’s all pretty simple and the majority of this can be done all by your self.     ***** Patience is required for the “all by yourself” part.

I am kinda basic (minimalist) in my approach-but don’t get me wrong-I do love shopping for products and I love getting my hair did. What I would like to share is a way for Natural hair to be so simple. When we have time and the funds to splurge on being pampered we should-but for those moments when the splurge may seem far away-we can still cope and look fly as hell!




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