Good find, we’ll see how it works! Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Double Care Detangling Nourish and Repair Leave-in

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Leave-In...yes that does say $2

So at lunch this afternoon I thought I would try out a new Dollar Store to look for some art supplies for my girl. Its really close to work, I’ve heard good things from co-workers so I said “why not?!”

I started looking at the hair section (I always gravitate to the hair section of any store) and found a Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Double Care Detangling Nourish and Repair Leave-in (what a name, what a name). It was only $2!!!!

I like Garnier Fructis products because they do have some good ingredients in their products. I have previously used their conditioners (Damage Repair and Triple Nutrition) and a molding puddy (or wax) for hair. My reviews on the puddy/wax are not in yet but I love their conditioners.

So I’m not opposed to this line.


So this is an example of my product-junkie-ism. I like the brand, its $2 and its a leave-in….can’t go wrong with items that do not have texture-changing/colour-changing chemicals in it!

I plan on using this as my leave-in for the next little while. I will definitely update this post to let you know if it was useful for my hair. It is only 150ml, so I know it won’t last too long for me. On wash days I will definitely still use my Giovanni Direct leave-in (it ain’t broke-so I’m not fixing that!), but during the week when I need a leave-in I will use Garnier Fructis.

Ingredients are……ok I was trying to find a list online so I would not have to type-out every ingredient…..but its not online (boo for Garnier on this one). I will update this post with the ingredients that I like in this leave-in……I’m still looking for an online ingredients list though.

I was lazy so I took a pic….I’m still looking for the ingredient list online-not liking the fact that the ingredients are not public.

hope you have good eyes....



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