’s Top 10 Natural Ingredients for Your Hair

1 of the Top 10's

    I frequently visit for product reviews, great contests and give-aways and their diverse curly community.

    It is a great source for knowledge on curly hair and its needs.

    While transitioning I did a lot of research on and I found the best resource ever….a list of the top 10 Natural Ingrdients for your Hair.

    This list is clear, consise and the items are not hard to find.

    I based my product desires mostly on this list. I have tried every ingredient and have been stuck to a few ever since.

    For a brief description on their benefits visit, but I’ve listed them below

      1. Shea Butter

    Vatika Coconut far so good

      2. Coconut Oil

      3. Aloe Vera Juice/Gel

      4. Vegetable Glycerin

      5. Jojoba Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      7. Castor Seed Oil

    yummy and great for your hair!

      8. Honey

      9. Avocad/Avocado Oil

      10. Tea Tree Oil

    Have you ever tried these ingredients? What’s your review? Any other natural products that are not on this list that are worth mentioning?



2 thoughts on “’s Top 10 Natural Ingredients for Your Hair

  1. I have tried all these items but had mistake with honey, I think I had a little too much in the mixture I had made, it was still tacky. But I figure it out eventually.

    • I usually warm up the honey in the microwave a little. By the time I mix it in…I don’t really notice the sticky feel. My mistake was with tea tree oil….I learned with this one that a few drops are enuf!

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