UPDATE: Dabur Vatika Oil

Good day,

I wanted to give an update on my great find…Dabur Vatika Oil.

Vatika Coconut oil...so far so good

I mentioned this oil in an earlier post describing my Whipped Shea Butter technique. So, I guess I’m updating that post as well πŸ˜‰

From what I’ve learned online and from other Natural ladies is that this is a great blend of great essential oils and herbs all in 1 bottle. These oils are great for a pre-poo (pre-shampoo). They provide nutrients into the hair strands itself and promote hair growth.

According to the website for this oil (www.dabur.com) “Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body and radiance while taking care of the critical balance of nutrients.” This oil is enriched with 8 herbs. It makes hair “stronger, thicker and shinier”

I was sold!

I mainly use Extra Virgin coconut oil mixed in my Shea Butter but this time I wanted to try Vatika oil. I have searched and searched for a local merchant who caries this oil. I found Njaim Mid-East Food Centre on 1010 Belfast Rd in Ottawa’s east end. (approx $4.99)

Being the minimalist that I am, I cannot imagine myself buying each oil and herb and mixing together.

Also, I was not going to pay Shipping and Handling for a product that I was not familiar with having so many East Indian locations in this city I had to try to find it somewhere.

So I did….and now I’m in love with this place.

Vatika Almond

Vatika lemon

At this location I’ve found a variety of Vatika oils with different oils and herbs infused in with coconut oil, almond oil and Shea oil. I had previously found Jasmine oil which is said to help with hair growth as well-so I re-stocked on that one.

Jasmine oil

Back to my updates….

What hit me first with Vatika, which I also experienced with Jasmine oil, was the smell. I find the smell to be light but because it lingers and lingers….it can become strong….especially when every turn you make brings that fragrance to your nose. I find that most oils have a smell but either through absorption or its own characteristics-the smell does not linger but not so with Jasmine and Vatika oil.

Vatika has a unique smell all its own and I have no way to describe it…but I’ll try…its perfume-y, kinda spicy and very evident. So while it does not bother me at first….after about 2 hours with the Shea mix I whipped up a few weeks ago in my hair- I begin to hate it.

I had this experience as well with Jasmine oil. I washed my hair, added a leave-in and then a small amount of Jasmine oil to my strands maybe 2 tablespoons. After 2 hours my husband came home and immediately shouted out “what’s that smell?” he wasn’t even on the same floor as I was!

So I put that oil on the back burner….it comes out now for pre-poos, hot oil treatments and scalp massages.

And it seems like this is whats gonna happen to my last batch of Whipped Shea Butter. The Vatika oil is too prominent for my taste….so that Shea mix (and the Jasime oil Shea mix) are now my bi-weekly pre-poo treatments!

I’ll alternate between the two.

hold up....don't throw it out...

I know I mentioned this before….but NEVA throw out your Shea mix….in the worst case it becomes a healthy and nutrient rich pre-poo treatment or hot oil treatment πŸ˜‰



5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Dabur Vatika Oil

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  2. hey ! Great blog — I live in Ottawa too and i am tex-laxed ! I moved from Atlanta 3 years ago and its so hard to find people interested in hair care in this city! I was google-ing where to find Ayurvedic powders in Ottawa and came across your blog ! I see that you cater more to naturals —
    in which I definitely want to transition to once I am out of University and working and can devote the time !

    anywho I will be dropping by often — Thanks for directing me to a store where i can find Indian products in Ottawa ❀

    • Welcome to Ottawa….and you are right-there isn’t really much for hair care in this city…especially if you are not permed, weaved or braided (lol). There are hidden gems in this city and I really hope to highlight them! hopefully make it easier for others who are transitioning or just want to good priced deals on good hair care products.

      Thanx for the love and I hope you enjoy MA…..I’ve been busy that last week or 2 with my 9-5 so I haven’t posted much in the last little bit but I hope that I can be a site you can stop by.

      It appears that you go to Ottawa U? I’m an alum myself πŸ˜‰

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