Benefits of having natural hair

Just thought I’d share my opinion on the benefits….please add some more in the comments section in case I forgot any 😉

1. It is easy for natural hair to be DIY (do it yourself) hair, thus being cheaper and a good way to know another part of yourself.

2. It can be made into any style you want. Literally, pick a race…and using natural products, simple techniques and the right tools the RIGHT way….you can go from Asian bone straight, European curly, Arabic wavy, East Indian thick and of course back home to African curly/kinky/coily.

3. It’s never heavy feeling. No matter what style or how long my hair has become, its never too heavy for my shoulders.

4. Your scalp is never suffocated with Vaseline-type products & not burned and therefore never scabbed.

5. The worst possible hair disaster is frizz. Not the two-texture look or the loss-of-volume look.

6. You actually look like yourself!


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