My Winter Regimen

I have been thinking a lot lately of what to do this winter with my hair. I am so late since we are practically in the middle of it but I have definitely zeroed in on 2 main goals for my hair.

1. Develop a more regular and routine regimen on a budget.

I would like to incorporate more natural ingredients in my product list without going overboard in price. For example, henna and Arabic or East Indian oils.

2. I would like to actually see and measure an increase in length in my strands. I hope to gain 4-5 inches by June 1st, 2012.

I hope to add 4-5 more inches by summer 2012

I will do my best to maintain a regimen and assess my progress every 2 months. I’m not about to get obsessed by this. If I only gain 2 inches-I’ll live.

So far I haven’t worn a long-term protective style in 1 year. I’ve done 2 week twists but nothing longer than that.

I’ve also been using less natural products over the last few months (laziness) and I will quit that very soon.

So for the next 4 to 5 months this is it…

Finger detangle and separate my hair in sections-maybe 10-12 chunky twists.

After finger detangle, pre-poo overnight on Friday’s before every wash. I will alternate between my Jasmine oil and Vatika oil mixed with l’huile de Palma Christie (Haitian Palm Kernel oil).

Wash weekly, alternating with Live Clean apple cider vinegar – clarifying shampoo and co washing with J/A/S/O/N Biotin Conditioner. (The shampoo is plant based, vegan, no sulphates. Boitin provides strength to hair)

On the days I cleanse with shampoo I will follow with a deep conditioner.  I plan to mix Herbal Essences Hello Hydration with olive oil and rosemary oil.

After every wash, I will air-dry my hair about 70%, un-twist 1 section at a time, apply Giovanni Direct Leave-In and my *new Shea mix and re-twist.

My choice of styling will be protective, hopefully 95% of the time. I plan on following this regimen no matter what method of protective styling I am doing at the moment (except the finger-detangle/twist/re-twist part…that may not happen with certain styles)

I will spritz my hair and then seal my hair with my Shea mix every other night.

Sleep with a satin head wrap.

Henna, purchased at Grace Ottawa, Bank St

I will apply Henna to my hair around the first of the month. If the colour is becoming too rusty or red looking-and I don’t like it, I may add indigo or a black Henna dye to my Henna mix to hopefully balance the colour out.

I trimmed my hair about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to trim in order to start this regimen with some clean ends. To be able to notice any fraying or extreme dryness if they do/did occur.

My trims are very small...more dusting than trimming

So far, I think that’s about it.

1. Finger detangle, separate and twist.

2. Pre-poo overnight saturating my strands root to tip.

3. Use diluted shampoo to stretch out the product. 1 part shampoo to 2-3 parts filtered water.

4. I will deep condition with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration-I find it moisturizing for my hair. To make my dc (deep condition) more rich I will add olive oil and rosemary oil

5. My Giovanni Leave-in usually lasts 6 months (or more….a little goes a LONG way).

6. My *new Shea mix will include Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut oil and Almond oil.

7. My spritz will include Rose water, almond oil, filtered water & a few drops of peppermint oil.

8. My choice of styling immediately will be yarn braids. Hopefully, if I have some free time to myself I can get them done this weekend!

This seems like a lot for me-but I am focussed man! (lol) I have somewhere to go summer 2012 and I want to achieve bra strap length by then 😉


No heat

No sulphates

No un-Natural hair colour

No worries

Let me know if you are starting a new regimen for winter or have one that’s tried and true?



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