Weekend 1 of Winter Regimen

side view

I wanted to share some pics of my weekend 1 results.

This past Friday I saturated my finger-detangled-chunky-twists with 3oz. of Jasmine oil and Castor oil. I ran out of L’Huile de Palma Christi (Palm Kernel oil).

I washed with JASON’s 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner. It was a little more difficult than expected when it came to washing out most of the Jasmine & Castor oils with conditioner alone. I applied the conditioner to each twist before getting in the shower and re-twisted.

Once I was in the shower, I added a little more conditioner to my scalp and began to scrub with my fingers (not nails)…..I un-twisted, washed the product out and re-twisted. This really does not take too long (to un-twist and re-twist) since my aim is just to keep the sections separated and not in perfect twists.

Having done this….I was still left with some oil in my hair. I don’t consider it to be a bad thing…..but just something I noticed.

Once out of the shower I added a small amount of Giovanni Direct leave-in to each section, I added some of my Shea mix to each section as well. I combed with a shower comb and then braided the section.

amount of shea mix used on length of all my twists, a little goes a long way

I find that braiding my hair stretches my length more than twists.

Once my hair was dry ( later Saturday night) I thought about adding in some yarn braids…..then I got lazy!

On Sunday I decided to do mini-twists using my own hair……I had to add a protective style for my winter regimen and this is the quickest I could think of.

So about 2 or 3 hours later….

love the length I have so far


I make sure to braid the roots of the part that I am twisting in order to have less tangles when I am ready to take them down. Braiding the roots also helps the style last longer (in my opinion since the roots do not look fuzzy as quickly). I hope the twists could last 2 weeks tops.

pinned up left side for work

While my twists are in-I will spritz my hair at night and add small amounts of my Shea mix to the length of my hair. This weekend I will attempt pre-poo (with Vatika oil instead), shampoo, deep condition, apply leave-in and shea mix and see how these mini twists will hold up through all-a-dat 😉


Products used:

Jasmine oil, Castor oil, JASONS 84% Aloe Vera Conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-in, my Shea mix.


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