Sites I love…..

I just wanted to take some time to give thanx to the sites I love.

I have my tried and true sites, the ones that helped me get started on my journey and have taught me and inspired me so

Thank you,

Curlynikki at 

Black Girl Long Hair at

Her best hair at

Naturally Leslie at

Moptopmaven…( although recent reports aren’t that great about the business side of this blog….the hair, fashion and skin information were great)

I also have some new fave’s that I am very fond of ( also b/c some are Canadian!)

iHEARTmyhair at

NaturalSunshine at

Toni Daley on YouTube (great videos!) Channel is ToniDaley80

Canadian Natural’s on Facebook

Toronto Naturals Meet-Up group

Real Queens at

Natural Hair Rules!!! at

We are doing great things nation wide (and world-wide) and I hope to connect with all fellow Natural hair bloggers and vloggers across Canada very soon.

Thank you goes out to those above and many more. I have been educated by your research, inspired by your words and gorgeous styles. I have been able to contribute and connect with so many great ladies. I am grateful.

Happy New Year…again,



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