Last Saturday Night…Salut Ottawa

Last Saturday Night (last night, not 2011 as the flyer suggests) I attended SALUT Soirée at The Met on Sussex here in Ottawa. It was a great night and a great Lifestyle and Networking event.

The music was DOPE! Really set a high standard that I think should be expected in Ottawa. I didn’t get all the DJ’s names (yes, there were more than 1 AND a live drummer) but I did see a familiar name DJ Richniques who was a host and blessed us with his skills as the night progressed.

On to the topic of hair….

On Friday I removed my 2-week-old mini-twists to reveal some lovely curls.


Friday night I anticipated heading out but my plans didn’t come to fruition. So I just twisted my hair in about 6 large twists and curled them under (curl and tuck) in order to maintain the style…I also had no idea what to do with my hair for SALUT the following night.

I had 6 big “chiney-bumps” similar to this…but with my twists taken out

So getting ready for SALUT I was inspired by this photo

I have not attempted an up-do since my hair has become this length. I find it hard to come up with ideas on how to style the length and volume on top….I also do not have too many accessories to help with the look…so a lot of pins and 1 large elastic band had to do. I also made sure to apply coconut oil to my hair for some shine!

My final results….(prior to make-up),

not bad
birds eye view
the back
another one

I achieved this style by first sectioning off a portion at the very top of my head to create the chignon (large twists on top).

Once that portion was out of my way, I spritzed the back and side (temple) sections of my hair with my spritz to make my hair more malleable.

I brushed the spritzed sections into a high ponytail…swooped the sides towards the back and the back portion upwards to try to create the high ponytail.

Once that was secure-I started to pin. Any portion of hair that was loose was then rolled, tucked and pinned away. This was not easy for me only because I wanted to get the look of the top portion just right.

Of course it did not look like my inspiration’s up-do per se….but then again I am not her. Since I try not to place un-realistic goals in my path and I am happy to be working with what I have, I got over looking at my inspiration’s up-do and focused on mine.

trying to pose….

Not bad in the end…there will always be another chance to perfect this style some more…and more importantly I had a blast networking, meeting new people and dancing the night away with some old friends! I am definitely shy-by-nature and I loved how this atmosphere provided the platform to put my shy-ness to the side. I met some lovely naturals at this event as well!

Below are some pics from the event. If I met you there Last Saturday Night please hit me up with any comments, questions and/or your own hair story 😉

me and my girl, I’m cheesin’
some lovely natural’s that I met….at The Met (lol)
the scenery…I spot a lovely natural that I met from T.O
The DJ’s…..and drummer…AMAZING combo
The host in action…DJ Richniques
Mey & Richniques
The SALUT Ottawa Team…great team!

Hope to see you at the next SALUT Ottawa event!


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