Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



I wanted to add some male perspective to MA and thought why not share their point-of-view on Valentine’s Day!

Although we should show our love throughout the year….Valentine’s Day is a good starting point for those who may not be experienced with expressions of love….and for those trying to rekindle an old flame.  

Since going natural, I have often wondered what do guys think about Afro-textured natural hair. I was fortunate enough to have a mostly supportive husband, but what if I were single?

  1. Would it be easy to stand out as much as I do with natural hair and get positive attention or feedback from guys?
  2. Would I still be found attractive?

I’m sure those of you who have chosen a natural hair journey all know the answer to this is-YES and YES! But at the beginning I had my doubts. At times I was even a little skeptical of the positive attention guys were giving me!

I’m not just talking about attention from black men, I’m speaking of men in general. To be honest, I recieved more compliments from non-black men than black men. By no means am I referring to physical attention from a man-that’s too easy to get.

It seems that men respond to confidence. That’s what I gather from it all. If you are comfortable with you…there’s a good chance he will be too. If you are unique, you will get noticed-and the only uniqueness that you can genuinely express is just being yourself.

I’m adding a few question/answers from 3 gentlemen who were kind enough to participate. I hope this provides some motivation for any ladies out there who are wondering “what would he think if I go natural?”





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