Mane Man of the Moment….Daniel



1. Please introduce yourself? From (City, Country)? Cultural background?

  Daniel, age 34, Ottawa ON, Anglo Canadian

2. If you are currently in a relationship…..Does your girl wear her hair in its natural state?

Do you/would you care if she did wear her hair in its natural state? Would that be a reason to leave her?

Currently in an interracial relationship with a black woman who straightens her hair. I would prefer she wear her hair in a natural state though I do not consider this issue a deal breaker.

 3. If you are not in a relationship…..Would you find someone with natural hair attractive?  Would you approach her?

Although I am in a relationship, I do find natural hair attractive and have approached black women with natural hair.

4. What are your thoughts in general (if any) about black women embracing their  natural hair?

Good? Bad? Don’t care as long as it looks good?

I believe all women should embrace their natural hair.

 5. What is your preference…natural, perm, weave?

 Refer to answers 2, 3 and 4.

6. Where can we (and the single ladies-if applicable) find your fine a$$?

I am not hard to find if anyone cares to look! (


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