Mane Man of the Moment…..Sharly

Sharly Azard

1. Please introduce yourself? From (City, Country)? Cultural background?

My name is Sharly Azard; I am originally from Leogane Haiti moved to Roselle New Jersey for 13 years and currently living in Tampa Florida.

2. If you are currently in a relationship…..Does your girl wear her hair in its natural state?

Do you/would you care if she did wear her hair in its natural state? Would that be a reason to leave her?

I am single, have been for few months now.

 3. If you are not in a relationship…..

            Would you find someone with natural hair attractive?  Would you approach her?

I definitely find someone with natural hair attractive. Yes I would approach her.

4. What are your thoughts in general (if any) about black women embracing their natural hair?

            Good? Bad? Don’t care as long as it looks good?

I love a black woman that embraces her hair.

 5. What is your preference…natural, perm, weave?

I love a woman who wears her hair natural. I actually think most men feel how I feel. Women who wears weave don’t like men to touch their hair, conversely women who wears their hair natural embraces the idea of men running their fingers through their hair.


Sorry ladies, Football is his wife...for now


6. Where can we (and the single ladies-if applicable) find your fine a$$?

This question is pretty funny I must say, but I am currently not looking for a relationship or anything serious my wife right now is football. I’m pretty focus and working as hard as I can to make it as a professional football player. I think women are distractions so I’m sort of off the market even though I am single.




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