Straight styles

my go-to style

I wanted to add some pics of what I went through during my flat ironed days (only 2 weeks)…about 1 month ago.

Although it was a great change, and I received a much-needed trim….it’s not a style that I will go for frequently.

fragile strands

It’s hard for me to admit it but I no longer desire straight, flat hair.

First challenge I noticed was that my hair was sooo fragile! The slightest touch made me worried. I heard so many *snaps* coming from my hair when I was styling that I tried my best to leave my hair alone. (which was hard since my hair was looking and feeling good!)

had to bring back some curl!

I also found myself confused with what to do with my hair. It laid down straight for about 1.5 days after getting my hair done at Hair Designs by Paula …but then it started to look wavy.

first flex-rod results

So I tried to work with the waves and did a few braid-outs and used flexi-rods as well.

braid out results

This method allowed my hair to have some curl.

my colour stood out

And YES, my hair colour looked great! (btw, this colour is from about 1 year ago….I will be doing a Henna challenge in April or May to try to add some more colour for this summer)

flex-rod set pulled back

my go-to style...again

braid-outs weren't defined at kink in my hair


braid-out towards end of 2wks, more kinks=more definition

My 2-week experience was great. Got some compliments, tried some new styles and took some pics for memory sake cuz I’m not sure when I’ll be doing this again 😦

the end!

BTW, Products used while my hair was straight include Extra Virgin Coconut oil and/or Sweet Almond oil (about a dime-size amount applied to length of hair and ends on a nightly basis) and a very small amount of Castor oil for hold with my edges.



2 thoughts on “Straight styles

    • The shade is from Soft Sheen Carson’s line of Dark and Lovely colours…..the colour is a mix of Red Hot Rhythm and Rich Auburn (each colour was done 1 month apart). I do not recommend the permanent colours (last year I really wanted some colour for the summer and could not wait for the henna to be evident on my dark hair)..this year I’m sticking to henna….actually going to start a henna challenge mid-April 😉

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