Henna Challenge April-May

Jamila Henna

Just wanted to share something really brief.

Since I spend most of my time now trying to revamp ManeAttention behind the scenes I wanted to mention that I am currently trying my best to participate in the Reel Queens GHE (Green House Effect) Summer 2012 challenge.

Please visit http://realqueens.ning.com/ to learn more but it is a great, simple, natural method to impart moisture into our strands. The examples of ladies who have gained length on this website are inspirational.

I will definitely post more on this challenge as I continue.

I also plan on doing a Henna Challenge mid-April to mid-May. I would like to gain more colour in my hair for the summer, but naturally this time. I would also love to explore the claim that Henna can loosen our curl/kink/coil. Some ladies have even said that they’ve stopped with their Henna applications because their curl became too loose for their liking.

I don’t necessarily want to get rid of my kink but it would interesting to see the effects of Henna on them.

I will start Friday April 13th and Henna-my-hair every following Friday (once per week) for at least 4 hours. I will document anything I notice the following day during the sunlight (there better be some sun coming).

Stay tuned and thank you again for visiting MA!

Please feel free to share, comment and email.



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