Ayurveda for Our Hair….Ayurvedic Hair Regimen

For almost as long as I’ve been natural, I’ve heard of the Ayurvedic Hair Regimen. With the hard-to-pronounce ingredient names, different mixes and concoctions I thought that I would dislike this regimen and maybe never try it.

Seeing some results and hearing reviews about Ayurveda really made me think twice. I figured if I was going to start this regimen I’d start with the most commonly reviewed product…Henna.

I followed Curlynikki’s Henna recipe and instructions. The mixing was simple enough but the application felt annoying. Every time I thought about Henna-I remembered my overnight sessions with it weighing down my head and shoulders.

Another website that I loved to read with regards to Ayurvedic hair regimens was Moptopmaven’s (this website no longer seems to be updated, some contraversy there). She had lists of products, ingredients and even recipes to try.

I have been researching Ayurveda for almost 2 years and from what I’ve read-it is probably the closest I will get to an exclusively natural hair regimen. (I’m talking natural from the earth). So why not dedicate some time to knowing and appreciating this regimen!


According to livestrong.com (informative site)

Ayurveda is:

the traditional medicine system of India, which emphasizes the use of herbs, essential oils, nutrition, massage and meditation in disease prevention and treatment.

Ayurvedic Hair Care uses natural herbs, powders, oils and techniques to promote hair health, growth, thickness and length. It’s a holistic approach to hair care.

Ayurveda follows naturopathy, thus its treatments cause no side effects.

When reading the definition of what Ayurveda really is, it makes sense that a medicinal approach could be applied to our hair. The appearance and strength of our hair, nails and skin are correlated to how healthy we are within.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle includes:

Eating healthy, Excersise, Decreasing stress.

As far as hair care:

Do not use harmful shampoos (only Ayurvedic shampoos or limejuice and vinegar)

Condition after every wash

Detangle regularly to distribute your scalps sebum

Drinks lots of water, detoxifies from within




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