My Natural Hair’s Impact

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It may sound boastful to admit, and maybe a little pre-mature to declare but I’ll just say it….

I have become a Powerful Natural hair figure.

I haven’t been natural for very long (almost 2 years) but I’ve already made an impact!

We ALL make an impact in the lives of those around us but we may be too humble to recognize our power.

I have chosen to recognize my power in this facet and I know who I am doing it for.

It’s all for my baby girl.

my princess

As mothers it is obvious when we see our girls imitating us (wearing our heels, clothes and wanting to be like us) that we have an important role to play. Specifically relating to natural hair, my daughter has opened my awareness to the fact that the self-acceptance I try to exercise with my own hair and image can impact her opinion on her own image now and when I’m gone. 

My beautiful 6 year old princess has allowed me to recognize my power through her beautiful brown eyes.

brown eyed girl

I’m amazed to notice that her vocabulary is much more different than the vocabulary I used as a child. She mentions curls, waves and fluffy-ness with pride. She understands shrinkage and how her waist-length-hair will appear shorter and why I use oil on our hair. She enjoys fragrant conditioners and definitely notices how soft they make her hair feel. At times she looks forward to her hair’s wash-day!

I do my best to have conversations with her about how perfect her hair is.

Not in comparison to anyone else.

My message to her is that her beauty does not diminish anyone else’s beauty and neither does their beauty diminish hers.

When people tell her that she has “good hair” I make it a point to correct whoever is mistaken in saying that. I remind my princess that what she has is hair, and that EVERYONE’S hair can be good or not–so-great depending on the day.

She is not better because of her hair and no one is worse because they do not have it.

It’s just hair, I know, but I want this to be a good starting point when it comes to her idea of beauty. She is perfect the way she is just like her Mother is perfect the way she is. My hair is my crown and I am in full acceptance of its beauty. She too has a gorgeous crown with no alterations or variations required. I hope this lesson resonates with her and is applied to all aspects of her life.

Authenticity is all that is needed. Confidence will naturally follow.

Hopefully you can see within yourselves how you too have made a positive impact on someone else’s thought towards natural hair. They may not have decided to big chop or transition in the same manner as you but planting the seed that allows them to even think about or recognize the choice to be natural is a great attestation to your power.

I definitely have some Powerful Natural hair figures of my own. Of course my mother tops this list; my grandmother also has some gawgus hair. Oprah, Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross’s look, Tracee Ellis Ross….and I’m sure the list can go on-and-on.

Who are your lovely Natural hair figures?

Have you noticed any impact you’ve made since returning back to Natural hair?




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