Updates, Hair Boredom, What’s Next

I’m sure when this post “pops-up” on your screens you may be surprised. I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes and MA has taken a back seat…..I’m not proud of this but something had to give for at least a little while.

Hair-wise, I can say with confidence that I enjoyed the Henna Challenge (in April/May) but Henna-on-the-regular is not for moi!

I did notice some colour change…very subtle (which is fine with me).  My hair did feel stronger, which I loved.

Part of the downfall was the “stretched-out” curls or kinks. My texture changed and became more elongated but the thickness was ever-present. Therefore I had strong, thick, almost-straight-but-still-poofy hair. I was not accustomed to it and did not expect that change to happen that quickly so it did frustrate me with my styling options.

Another downfall was my application process. I’ve read that some ladies do a “Henna Gloss”, where they basically mix the henna with conditioner and leave in like a deep conditioning treatment for a shorter period of time. I’ve also read some blogs where they only apply Henna to their roots. I, on the other hand, wanted to get the full experience AND the benefit of colour in a short period of time….therefore sleeping with it/leaving it in for 6 plus hours was my way….and I got tired of that with the quickness!

So while I love the strength my hair receives from Henna….I was not prepared for the elongated curls/kinks. Henna will definitely stay around, but my applications of 6 hours or more will change to maybe every 2-3 months.

Hair Boredom

I am bored with my hair like you would not believe! I blame this on my lack of knowledge in styling. Most women say such nice things about my hair. They tell me what they would do, what they would try etc and I just can’t!

I’ve thought about cutting it shorter, shaping it up, braids, the curly-girl method, the Big Chop, heat-training. I guess with the length that I have now-its a constant challenge…or maybe I’m over thinking my hair.

It is just hair and it’s doing what it does-grow. Now I guess I have to adapt to my hair once again to make it appealing for me.

BTW-this is not an “I’m-bored-cuz-its-natural” feeling …. anyone who has natural hair can tell you that I can do more with it now then when it was chemically processed…..but I just have to become inspired….or motivated.

We’ll see how this summer goes…but I’m really thinking about braids-a-la-Poetic Justice….I’m even considering using heat to aid in my styling.

I am considering heat-training…not because I do not like my texture…but b/c my hair is easier to manage when blown out. I have read the obvious side-effects of too much heat….but if my hair can withstand creamy crack…my hair can withstand low-heat every 1.5-2 months.

Currently I’m enjoying the GHE (Green House Effect) that I learned about through Real Queens (great, positive, informative site). I try to reapply coconut oil or almond oil to my hair’s length every other night. Then I sleep with both a plastic cap and satin bonnet covering my hair every night.

I’ve noticed that my hair stays moisturized longer…I actually do not hear my hair anymore (the crunch sound). I haven’t measured any length changes because I find I get so consumed with the idea of growth. But I will try to stick with this method for a little while longer, definitely for this summer, and record my annual length check in September.


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