Coming up soon….hopefully :)

Good day to all,

I have been lazy when it comes to taking pics and therefore I haven’t updated MA the way it should be updated.

I will definitely be posting pics from my 2 year natural anniversary. Sept 29th 2010 I chopped all chemically processed ends out of my hair and this past Saturday I flat ironed my hair again to measure any length retention.

I can say with absolute certainty that straight tresses are no longer a style that I can achieve and rock without hair accessories, a twist out, a bun or ponytail. My hair is too big.

Big and curly is one thing, but big and straight is not my thing….at least not now/yet.

I’ve also discovered that my ends are horrible! I do not take good care of my ends when my hair is curly and it is very evident now that my hair is straight. I am kinda mad at myself for that…..but some scissors will do the trick. I hate the idea of losing maybe 1 inch but I rather get rid of the mess now.

So stay tuned for updates on my length/ 2 year anniversary, my trim, the Green House Effect which I love and some styles I will try to achieve while my hair is straight. I have also been doing some research on pregnancy and hair growth, I’ll definitely add some pics of my transition in that area 😉

Thank you again,






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