Spring has Sprung…

…and I have no more excuses!

Today is a gorgeous day,


I’m over my hump…pregnancy pains are over…

my new baby girl is 3 months now and its about time I get back into it.


The last year has been challenging but I can’t hold onto that, today is a new day.

Hair updates….

I’ve gone through so much over the last year w my hair. Long story short, it didn’t grow as expected but that had a lot to do with my nutrition and lack of iron.


And now I’m shedding! Ain’t this some ish!!!!

All this time I’ve been caring about my hairs length-NOT MY NUTRITIONAL HEALTH (in relation to my hair)-come to find out my hairline is looking sparse….not Naomi Campbell’s level (yet)


Where’s my hairline going?

On the positive side, the shedding has helped me put things in perspective…again. The song “I am not my hair” is constantly playing in the back of my mind. I’ve even considered shaving it and starting over.

Hopefully I can save my hairline and some thickness by doing the following,

1.Castor oil massage on my hairline (nightly or every other night)

2.GHE-Real Queens green house effect
(Spritzing my hair w water and sealing w a light oil nightly, placing a shower cap over my hair and wrapping w a satin scarf. This really helps to infuse moisture in my strands.)

3. Low manipulation, as little combing, pulling, stretching as possible

4. No tension on my hairline

5. Drink water, eat right, take my vitamins (I’m still on my prenatals)/supplements.

I hope this will help….

Anyone have some advice to help with shedding/postpartum shedding?



One thought on “Spring has Sprung…

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