My Edges have left the building.


Winter 2013

I’ve been trying to remedy my hairline with water, Shea butter and castor oil for the past few months. As I explained last spring, postpartum shedding tore my hair up! Almost weekly I flat twist my edges along the sides in order to get them out-of-the-way. So far I haven’t found another area on my scalp that’s thinning out too much….fingers crossed.

I hope with less manipulation, more moisture and no tension (not pulling my edges in a ponytail/bun for now) my hairline can start blending in better with the rest of my hair 😥 .


Oct 2013, they’re coming back…slowly

If I had more time on my hands, this would actually affect me negatively. Hair loss has never been common for me, so the few times in my life this has happened-its been shocking, then humbling, then back to shocking. I know for sure if this shedding had occurred while I still had chemically processed hair my patchiness would be more visible and my case of sudden mental instability would also become more visible. I would run to wigs and weaves and end up in a bad cycle. Thankfully with the automatic volume of natural hair, specifically my 4b/c texture, the “nappiness/puffiness/frizziness” and any other polite-negatives thrown at it-are definitely in my favour, especially now!

The changes we endure for our babies…..



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