***NEW***Whipped Shea Butter Mix updates

*NEW*ManeAttention’s Whipped Shea Butter Mix available for purchase soon                


100% Natural Shea Butter unrefined and not processed in any way

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

Organic Jojoba oil

Essential oil blend (Ylang Ylang III, Lavender, Geranium)



ATTENTION: Do not use if you have any form of Nut Allergy. Shea Butter is a product of the Shea Nut Tree. Mango Butter is a great alternative that we are able to provide. Please use caution if pregnant due to the use of essential oils in our mix. For external use only.

Please visit regularly for updates on quantities, variety, price and more.




Growing up in Ottawa I have always found that purchasing great hair care products for our hair was very limited. Usually my mother and I stocked up on our trips to New York. Those products only lasted so long and in no time I was back to paying high prices for the “good”/foreign stuff or the limited variety of cheaper hair grease here.


My aim with ManeAttention’s Whipped Shea Butter Mix is to be able to provide a quality driven, natural, local and cheap option that works! Since we are new we are starting out with a limited purchase option but we are definitely able to grow! We are also able to modify our Mix to accommodate to your desires provided they are natural ingredients. For example-those with Nut Allergies are able to purchase a Whipped Mango Butter Mix OR if thinning hair is a concern, we have a Mix that contains Castor oil.


We are here to provide a local resource for great hair products at a great price.


ManeAttention’s Whipped Shea Butter Mix is a great product with simplicity in mind. Our hair can be our crown but it does not take much to enhance its beauty. Proper care, simple, natural and effective ingredients can do the trick! This product provides a great seal for moisture in our hair. It leaves moisturized hair feeling soft and light for days. This formula is not greasy! The oils used are natural and organic. They are absorbed by the skin, scalp and hair. Moisture and retaining moisture in our strands aid in minimizing split ends, frizziness and single/multi strand knots. Avoiding the above as much as possible will assist in helping your hair remain in tact thus avoiding breakage due to dry hair.



A small favour…I would LOVE to receive feedback on your sample. Please email me at maneconvo@hotmail.ca.

If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback or if you just want to tell me how you use this mix

I would be grateful to hear from you 🙂

For all who have received a sample of our Whipped Shea Butter Mix in the month of December 2013, you will receive a 10% discount on your first purchase made BEFORE January 2014!



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