Back To Basics

I hope that you find the posts dedicated to this page helpful and informative on your journey back to Natural Hair.

Most of my knowledge comes from personal research and trial and error on my own hair. I know that our hair types differ and may need different types of products but the basics are still the same-Cleanse, Moisturize, Seal in Moisture, Protect the hair.

The sky is the limit with our own true beauty.

Frustration is normal, confusion should be expected.

I would not assume that someone who has never experienced our “lovely” winters would know how to dress for it… please do not place the expectation on yourself that you will know (or should know) exactly what to do and how to do it with your mane (especially if you are like me and had ZERO personal experience with it). It takes patience and experience, research and error.

I hope that MA can at least help you on the research part… well as encouragement. Please do not hesitate to leave questions or comments. or Facebook or Twitter 😉


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